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Git: Change your last commit

Git seems to be the way to go when it comes to code management nowadays. Also the iCub repository recently moved to Git.

Git has a number of pretty great features, one which I found very helpful is the ability to amend the previous commit. If you are as easily distracted as I am it might happen that you accidentally left something out of your last commit (or commited the binary/build directory too). With GIT you don’t have to worry, it can easily be fixed:

All you have to do is stage the extra changes like you would for a normal commit:
git add .
git rm --cached -r build/

And then just commit with the –amend argument.
git commit --amend

I did this with my commit here, you can’t even see that I pushed it before with the build dir :)

You can check the git log --stat to see your amended commit with the extra changes.
More information is available in the Git ‘commit’ documentation.

Broken Shoulder

The iCub's shoulder

The iCub's shoulder, how it should not look

So the last two days we had the IM-CLeVeR Review Meeting here in Lugano and I helped showing some of the demos to the roughly 50 people involved in the project. As usual with robotics demonstration everything that could went wrong, and while reseting the software and homing the iCub, its shoulder decided to pop, as you can see on the picture.

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