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installing a specific software version with brew

Homebrew (brew.sh) has changed it’s way of dealing with versioning of software packages.

the previously used brew versions does not work anymore. To find a specific version you first need to tap into the versioning repo with

brew tap homebrew/versions FORMULA

then you can use brew search which will give you a list of available formulae which can be simply installed with

brew install homebrew/versions/FORMULA-version

if that does not work you can also try to find the commit for the correct version of your software at the brew github repo, and then checkout the specific version with

git checkout HASH /usr/local/Library/Formula/FORMULA.rb
brew install FORMULA

if you had another version installed before you might have to unlink and link it again.

iCub Sim – MBP Setup Pt. 3

This is part three in the odyssey of setting up of my new MacBook Pro 13″, needed for the projects I am involved with here at IDSIA. Maybe somebody else is using similar software so here is how I setup the following libraries and tools on Snow Leopard: XCode, OpenGL(is part of OSX/XCode), Git, CMake, ACE, YARP, QT, OpenCV, ODE, BulletPhysics, and SDL. In the end I also installed pyBrain (with scipy and numpy). (Part 1 is here, and here is part 2)