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Setting Up A New MacBookPro

Yesterday I got a new MacBook Pro 13″, yes the all fancy new one with SSD Thunderbolt and Intel i5 chip, and after some general setting up, I started to add the programming capabilities needed for the projects I am involved with here at IDSIA. Maybe somebody else is using similar software so here is how I setup the following libraries and tools on Snow Leopard: XCode, OpenGL(is part of OSX/XCode), Git, CMake, ACE, YARP, QT, OpenCV, ODE, BulletPhysics, and SDL. In the end I also installed pyBrain (with scipy and numpy). This is the first post *smile*

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Project Work

In the last few weeks I was getting started with looking into the projects I am (supposedly) working on during at least the next year here at IDSIA. For the foreseeable future I will focus my attention on mainly two projects, both funded by the European Union’s Framework Programme. The first project is called STIFF and is lead by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), more precisely their section working on biorobotics. The second one is named IM-CLeVeR and the partners include CNR (in Rome), Universities of Ulster and Aberstwyth (UK).

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Hello world!

Hello World: this is my new blog! I will hopefully have some time to update the blog with my research or just generally things I think that are interest…

I finally moved to Lugano, where I started last week at IDSIA. So far I have not done anything really productive, I am trying to figure out what the projects going on here are and who is working on what, socializing in a word =) Continue reading