Proposal, Proposal, Proposal

Recently we have been quite busy with writing, proof-reading and submitting various proposals. The IDSIA Robotics Lab is involved in some new interesting projects, one in the FP7-SPACE-2013 call. The GMV lead project aims to look at autonomous operations of a Mars rover with a focus on biological evidence/fact finding. In the meantime I was also writing an SNF Doc.Mobility proposal and started to look into writing my PhD proposal (2nd year review). *pfff*

Apart from that we are also involved in FP7-ICT (robotics) calls for machine learning and computer vision in (semi)autonomous robotics operations. One project focuses on tele-robotics, the other on agricultural uses of robotics. I will let you know more once we hear back from the EC (March for the SPACE call, no info from the ICT one online).

UPDATE: The FP7-SPACE call seems to have gotten quite a bit of attention from proposal writers.

300 proposals have been submitted (final status after submission deadline, but before eligibility checks):

Activity 9.1.- Space-based applications at the service of European Society: 89 proposals
Activity 9.2. – Strengthening the foundations of Space science and technology: 144 proposals
Activity 9.3 – Cross-cutting activities: 67 proposals

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