iCub_SIM on Mountain Lion

After upgrading to the latest Mac OS X, named Mountain Lion, here is how to get the iCub simulator running on a fresh install.

At first we need homebrew, which makes the painful ACE and YARP installations really easy, just copy the following commands (this is for the svn versions of the simulator and YARP):

ruby <(curl -fsSkL brew install --HEAD yarp

To get the iCub software you need to first checkout the repository like so:

svn co

then set the ICUB_ROOT environment variable (to define the path to store the iCub applications in)

echo “export ICUB_ROOT=/Applications/iCub” >> ~/.bash_profile

The simulator is based on the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE), therefore it needs to be installed before we can compile the repository (here is some info about the double precision on the iCub wiki):

brew install ode –enable-double-precision

Then the iCub repository can be compiled (as we don’t have ipopt yet the cartesian solvers won’t work :S), if you want also the GUIs SDL is a requirement:

brew install sdl

cd [SVN_ICUB_DIR]/main
mkdir build
cd build
ccmake ../

Here you can enable all the features wanted/needed (don’t forget USE_ODE_DOUBLE) and then wait for the compile (make install && make install_applications) to finish.

the iCub simulator running on Mountain Lion

the iCub simulator running on Mountain Lion

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