ACE/YARP on Mac – The Easy Way

Good news everyone!
Paul Fitzpatrick just posted this on the robotcub hackers list, a very quick and easy way to install ACE and YARP on OSX:

ACE and YARP are now available through homebrew, a package manager for Macs [1]. On a fresh Mac with Xcode installed, you can install YARP by opening a terminal and doing:

# install homebrew
ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”
# install ace, gsl, gtk+, and yarp
brew install yarp



That gets a big yay from me! Thanks Paul!

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5 thoughts on “ACE/YARP on Mac – The Easy Way”

  1. And if you want the lastest svn version of yarp Juxi, you can do :
    brew install yarp –force –HEAD

    1. unfortunately that did change in the last few versions of homebrew, the –force will not force the update!!

      so therefore to update to the latest yarp SVN versions you have to:

      brew uninstall yarp; brew install yarp –HEAD

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