iCub Sim – MBP Setup Pt. 3

This is part three in the odyssey of setting up of my new MacBook Pro 13″, needed for the projects I am involved with here at IDSIA. Maybe somebody else is using similar software so here is how I setup the following libraries and tools on Snow Leopard: XCode, OpenGL(is part of OSX/XCode), Git, CMake, ACE, YARP, QT, OpenCV, ODE, BulletPhysics, and SDL. In the end I also installed pyBrain (with scipy and numpy). (Part 1 is here, and here is part 2)

UPDATE: There is now an easier way to do YARP (incl. ACE), here!

So far so good, I then started to install qt (and pyqt) by simply typing (and waiting for quit a long while):

brew install qt –with-demos-examples –with-debug-and-release
brew install pyqt

Doxygen is not really needed but definitely a nice to have and a must if you develop your own code and aim at distributing it. The three Ds of programming: Documentation, Documentation, and Documentation!!!

brew install doxygen

Now to the physics engines part: Instaliing ODE, the open dynamics engine is again pretty straight-forward: ( I had edited my ode version to run a  more recent version by brew edit ode from this url:', :revision => 1760 )

brew install ode
brew install bullet #(not needed for the iCub)

To complete the setup I needed the SDL (simple directmedia layer) library (mainly for the FSR sim and my SMRTCTRL), but also this is done quit easily with the brew command:

brew install sdl sdl_gfx sdl_image

And that is more or less it! :)

If you want to run the iCub simulator, I am sorry but there seem to be some issues with running it on OSX but you can still install the iCub repository and use such packet like iKin… To do that you first have to check out the iCub SVN:

svn co

To get the iKin library of the cub repository working you need the ipopt library, which in turn needs gfortran:

brew install gfortran
brew install ipopt

The ipopt install file is not yet pushed onto the main branch of the homebrew library, you can download my version here )

Some more libraries were needed for me to install the iCub_Sim:

brew install cairo

you might need to link some of those as well, like this:

brew link cairo
brew link libpng
brew link gettext

export all the directories was the next step to do (e.g.  export IPOPT_DIR="/usr/local" )

I still had some trouble installing the iCub repository but solved that by (using the yarp 2.3.3 distribution zip):

cp ~/yarp/src/libYARP_dev/include/yarp/dev/ControlBoardInterfacesImpl.inl /usr/local/include/yarp/dev/

followed by (in the iCub)

ccmake .
make install

(and do not forgot to enable  ODE_DOUBLE )

This is it, you should be able to run iCub_SIM from the command line.

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