ACE and YARP – Setting up a new MBP – Pt. 2

Continuing the setup of my new MacBook Pro 13″, needed for the projects I am involved with here at IDSIA. This is part 2, trying to get YARP and therefore ACE running on the OS X. Maybe somebody else is using similar software so here is how I setup the following libraries and tools on Snow Leopard: XCode, OpenGL(is part of OSX/XCode), Git, CMake, ACE, YARP, QT, OpenCV, ODE, BulletPhysics, and SDL. In the end I also installed pyBrain (with scipy and numpy).

UPDATE: There is now an easier way to do YARP (incl. ACE), here!

I have installed homebrew and cmake (Part 1 is here). For YARP we need, and  well generally a good thing to have is, the Gnu Scientific Library, for the GUI stuff of YARP we also need gtk:

brew install gsl
brew install gtk
brew install gtkmm glib glibmm
brew install libglade

To connect to the iCub robot a library called YARP is needed, this library is in turn depending on the ACE libraries. No brew formula exists for this two so here it gets a bit trickier. A good tutorial can be found here: We need to checkout the yarp svn directory (in case you have not installed svn you can do so by, yes you guessed right: brew install svn) like so:

svn co yarp2

Download the latest ACE version (I use 6.0.0, ACE only) (thanks to for some hints):

curl -o ACE-6.0.0.tar.gz
tar -xzf ACE-6.0.0.tar.gz
cd ACE_wrappers
export ACE_ROOT=$(pwd)
echo “export ACE_ROOT=$ACE_ROOT” >> bash_profile
echo “export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ACE_ROOT/ace:$ACE_ROOT/lib” >> bash_profile
echo “export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ACE_ROOT/ace:$ACE_ROOT/lib” >> bash_profile
echo “export MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.6” >> bash_profile

Create the file ACE_wrappers/ace/config.h with this text:

#include “ace/config-macosx-snowleopard.h”

Create the file ACE_wrappers/include/makeinclude/platform_macros.GNU
with this text:

debug = 1
shared_libs = 0
static_libs = 1
include ${ACE_ROOT}/include/makeinclude/platform_macosx_snowleopard.GNU
INSTALL_PREFIX = /usr/local

In Terminal run the following to compile the library:

source bash_profile
cd ace
make -j2

I got an error at compiling that looked like this “/bin/sh^M: bad interpreter” error, it’s due to the Windows new line style. You have to open that file ( ) and save with UNIX format. (For the installation I got the same error in the file ACE_wrappers/MPC/ ). If everything works run the following to install the library:

sudo su
cd ..
source bash_profile
cd ace
make install

This should have installed ACE now. Now go back into the yarp2 directory and run

ccmake .
# activate the math and gui things (and any other things you might want to have)
make test

If problems occur here check that the SVN version actually compiles on Mac here, mine did not to install the yarp library run then:

make install

This is it for now, more to come.

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