Setting Up A New MacBookPro

Yesterday I got a new MacBook Pro 13″, yes the all fancy new one with SSD Thunderbolt and Intel i5 chip, and after some general setting up, I started to add the programming capabilities needed for the projects I am involved with here at IDSIA. Maybe somebody else is using similar software so here is how I setup the following libraries and tools on Snow Leopard: XCode, OpenGL(is part of OSX/XCode), Git, CMake, ACE, YARP, QT, OpenCV, ODE, BulletPhysics, and SDL. In the end I also installed pyBrain (with scipy and numpy). This is the first post *smile*

Lets start by installing a mac package manager called homebrew, it simplifies the installation of some of the libraries and tools immense. To install homebrew just follow the instructions from the homepage and execute:

ruby -e “$(curl -fsSLk”

The instructions continue with installing XCode, which I already had already setup so I skipped that part. But I did the next step which was installing Git with homebrew, which is simply done by:

brew install git

Git is apart from being a nice tool for source control management also needed to keep the homebrew formulae updated, which you can do by:

brew update

The next step was to install cmake, which again is a simple one-liner:

brew install cmake

This is it for now, more to come.